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Developer - "Rings of Life" Sustainable Community 

We are developers who are making changes around the world with our off the grid Energy-Water utility facilities, these sustainable facilities produce energy and water from the latest technology from our U.S. manufacturing partners.  


Our marquee sustainable project we are branding is the “Rings of Life” which is a sustainable community that is off the grid and can be located anywhere in the world.  The center piece of the community is a 20+ floor glass tower, this 4-wing building will have retail stores on the bottom level, a 5 star hotel, Class A+ business offices, & first class condos with all the amenities and on the balconies will be infinity pools, tiki bars & food service.


At the very top will be first class restaurant for lunch & dinner then at night an elite night club with a helipad at the very top. In each of the rings will be water canals to separate rings sector. Each one of these sustainable sector will have single family, multifamily, commercial, industrial, healthcare, education, agriculture, water park, golf course, entertainment, and many more amenities.     


Energy Security


Securing Your Energy Future


The fact that the grid is a shared, centralized resource means that your energy security is impacted by many factors beyond your control and rarely in your best interest. Few will forget the "Northeast Blackout of 2003", when a failure to trim trees in Ohio set off a chain of events across the grid that ultimately cut power to 55 million people in eight U.S. states and Canada.


Dependence on the aging grid leaves you exposed to surges, brownouts and unexpected service interruptions, and requires costly investments in backup solutions (such as uninterruptible power supplies) that sit idle most of the time. But there is a way to take control of your energy security without breaking the bank.


Distributed Generation is the Answer


Distributed generation refers to power generation at the point of consumption. Generating power on-site, rather than centrally, eliminates the cost, complexity, interdependencies, and inefficiencies associated with transmission and distribution, and shifts control to the consumer.


In addition to providing distributed generation, Bloom's technology offers several other key benefits contributing to energy security.


Bloom's modular building block architecture is fault tolerant, helping to ensure the highest levels of power availability.


The systems are capable of running on a wide range of pipeline and locally stored fuels and can automatically detect an interruption and cut over from a primary to a backup fuel source.


The systems can operate in grid parallel mode — the grid provides a great backup and surge handler.

In addition to availability, power quality is also an important issue. In today's digital age, many technologies suffer from variation in voltage or electrical flow over the transmission and distribution infrastructure that result in poor power quality. Bloom generates perfect waveform at the point of consumption. That means perfect power quality for our digital age.



Design & Construction 

Our team is made up of some of the very best talent you can find globally, we work with our clients to meet their design needs and being efficient with the latest construction techniques available. Our resources allows us to work anywhere in the world with a deep pool of design & construction professionals.


Our team uses Building Information Modeling (BIM) which is changing how buildings, infrastructure, and utilities are planned, designed, built, and managed. Autodesk BIM solutions help turn information into insight and deliver business value at every step in the process.


BIM is a process that involves creating and using an intelligent 3D model to inform and communicate project decisions. Design, visualization, simulation, and collaboration enabled by Autodesk BIM solutions provide greater clarity for all stakeholders across the project lifecycle. BIM makes it easier to achieve project and business goals.


Our energy & water products are being used in over 30 corporate campus around the country. Our mission is to take these products around the world in changing the face of our environment. We are educating and changing the way the world understands and consumes energy & water.



Atmospheric Water Generator 

The OWC Atmospheric Water Generator works by converting humidity from the air into water through a process of multiple specialized filters, such as carbon filters, reverse osmosis and ultraviolet (UV) light to remove any bacteria, viruses, pollutants, and other harmful substances which are increasingly found in tap and bottled water. In addition it is equipped with a special Air filter which dehumidifies and cleans the air for a healthier environment.


High-efficiency atmospheric water generation apparatus


This technology increases the efficiency of all AWS atmospheric water generation systems by utilizing a two-stage cooling mechanism to allow a tight regulation of condensation coil temperature without resorting to the use of complex and expensive inverter compressor techniques.  


Conventional atmospheric water generation turns a refrigeration compressor off and on such that the condensation coil temperature remains below the dew point.  With the traditional approach, the temperature can go well below the dew point resulting in inefficient operation.  


High-efficiency systems use a variable speed compressor to tightly regulate the condensation coil temperature just below the dew point.  This new approach trades the increased cost and complexity of a variable speed compressor for increased efficiency.  


Our technology uses a conventional refrigeration compressor operating in the off/on control mode to cool an intermediate fluid reservoir.  Fluid from this reservoir is pumped at a controlled, variable rate through the condensation coils such that the temperature remains fixed at just below the dew point.  This allows close regulation of condensation coil temperature while using conventional refrigeration technology.