Over the years we have work together with many different people and industries, so we felt it was important to hear from them personally. Here are a few of our valued clients or partners who have left us with their thoughts and comments, we would always like hear from any of our past, present or future clients or partners... Please emails us your comments.  Thank you!  



It's my pleasure to recommend Jim Evans. Over the years I have worked with Jim in person and remotely. He is the exact same person in real life as he is on the phone and online- honest, straightforward and trustworthy. His knowledge in the field of business consulting and LEED planning is top-notch. Jim is not only a fine detail man but when it comes to planning he sees the big picture and makes plans on how to meet those demands. I would recommend Jim for your next business endeavor.”

Connie Baugher

HIRING Technician & Sales

I worked with Jim at Park Square Homes. Jim was vey conscientious and hard working. He would do what ever it took to get the job done and he always looked at ways that we could do things better to make sure we delivered the best product to our homeowners.
Bill Verling
Architectural/Permit Manager at Park Square Homes
"It is a pleasure to write this recommendation for Jim Evans. I worked with Jim at Park Square Homes where he was a senior Architect. Jim was vey conscientious and hard working. He worked very well with others and was a great team leader. Jim would make an excellant addition to any team."
Mary Mead
Sales & Merchandising Professional
"I have known Jim on both a personal and professional level for over six years and can unhesitatingly pass along my recommendation for his services. Jim is a very dedicated, hard working professional who excels in all he does. He is always striving to increase his knowledge base and enhance his current skills so as to provide the top level of service possible. It is always both a pleasure and a learning experience to work with Jim and I hope to have the opportunity again in the future."
Mindy Ballard, VP / MSS
#1 Banking Recruiter for the Southeast USA
"Jim is a detail oriented professional with a keen understanding of value, cost, and bottom line impact. Having worked with Jim over the last 15+ years, he has always been honest, fair and candid in his contracts and deliverable s. He has also been a great resource of industry information, and one that has helped educate and coach me in various areas. I consider Jim an expert in his field, a good friend, and wonderful person with a great sense of humor. If you need an understanding in LEED certifications or renewable energy I highly recommend contacting Jim."
David B. Assadi
"I am amazed on your scientific knowledge on your web site and factual programs you have designed and ready to implement in the world,especially Kenya. I have known you for the last 2 years and I have finally caught on who you are.Your ideas must be listen to on this earth to survive our water problems before it's to late."

"I don't have the education or understanding you have and neither do the leaders of the world but they better listen to you. I read both emails and I am a believer 1000 %+ that with out you these projects will not work period. Thank you for including me in all your great up dates. I am very proud to know you."

Luigi Brandi jr.
Managing Director for Triad American Group USA LLC.