Dr. Bill Andrews – Telomere Scientist and Therapeutic Telomerase Pioneer


Bill Andrews, Ph. D., is a 32 year veteran Medical/Pharmaceutical Biologist and renowned Geneticist, named on 45 U.S. medical patents in the field of telomere research. He has already been in this field 20 years and some industry insiders feel he has a 10 year jump on the nearest industry activity as no one else is yet pursuing the kind of research he is doing, seeking to directly unlock the activation secrets of this process of continued cellular renewal.


Popular Science featured Bill Andrews and his work in a six page article in its Aug. 2, 2011 issue, that appeared on the news stands just days before Bill introduced a nutraceutical telomere supportive product called Product B™.


A similar nutraceutical product, TA-65, has been on the market since 2005.  Although it is weaker per unit activation strength it nevertheless has met with a sensational and extensively documented response. Bill Andrews had a part in this product’s origins, was a prime candidate for a one year initial test and co-authored follow up scientific studies, the latest of which was released at the end 2013.


In 2009 the Nobel Medical Research prize was awarded for telomere research because of the momentum and visibility this field had gained over the previous three decades and witness to the growing buzz of its promise of potential age reversal. 


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